Mixed Martial Arts for all ages

A family friendly academy owned and operated by a husband and wife

Stronghold MMA is a premier mixed martial arts gym located in central Singapore. Stronghold MMA offers classes for all ages starting from 4 years and up. We offer kids brazilian jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts classes. For adults we offer boxing, muay thai, gi and no gi brazilian jiu jitsu and MMA classes. Stronghold MMA is an affiliate of the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood.


Stronghold Staff

Owners who live the martial arts lifestyle

Stronghold MMA prides itself on the diversity and availability of its owners and staff. All of our owners are long time martial artists and can regularly be seen training in the classes. With owners from hailing from Singapore, The United States, and Angola, stronghold has one of the most diverse and multi cultural staffs in Singapore. Our owners are also our full time staff insuring that connection between students, staff, and owners is as direct as possible. This allows us to quickly respond to customers and insure that they have their voices heard.